Sarah having lots of fun in the studio!

In general, our first time shooting together will be just for fun - no cost or pressure - it's mostly an opportunity to get to snap some photos, to get to know each other (if we haven't already met) and for you to develop some comfort in front of the camera (it can be weird posing for the first time). Generally it's a very positive experience and we always come out with a few great images.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Shoots
Depending on what location we've agreed on, we may be indoor (studio) or outdoors. Outdoors shoots provide us with natural light and more variety in locations, colours and backgrounds but comes with the downside of uncontrollable wind and bugs (depending on the time of year). Indoor studio shoots allow for more control over hair/makeup, lighting and allows us to focus more on posing and outfits (since we can more easily shoot multiple looks)
Discuss getting photos through Pixieset and Google Photos
Some 'testimonials' from models I've worked with a bunch